Specializing in anxiety disorders, stress reduction, depression, and ADHD.

We work with most diagnosed health challenges.

Holistic Health Calgary


My name is Mary Anne Lema, founder of Chesed Integrated Health Care Services, today referred to as Holistic Health Calgary.

I chose ‘Chesed’, a Hebrew word which means ‘God’s faithful loving kindness’.

From having been declared totally and permanently disabled, I experienced ‘Chesed’ and today offer healing modalities to bring ‘Chesed’ to those I have the privilege of supporting.

– Mary Anne Lema

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A none-intrusive and relaxing therapy addressing most diagnosed health challenges. Healing takes place through energetic intervention; electromagnetic waveforms stimulate the body’s own healing mechanisms. Learn More

Service offered by Mary Anne


Using a medical device and kinesiology testing, we identify the area of the body holding an energetic blockage. The treatment involves specific homeopathic remedies from Switzerland. European studies indicate a 86% success rate for chronic illnesses in different categories of health. Learn More

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Due to today’s toxic environments, tissue acid wastes, chemical and heavy metal residues build up in the body faster than ever before, resulting in a greater incidence of allergies and mental and physical incapacitation. Clients report less pain, better sleep, increased energy and mobility. Learn More

Service offered by Mary Anne


Should a repeating negative life pattern be a challenge for you? It can be most difficult to resolve by sheer willpower alone. Clear and remove underlying root cause so that you are better able to move forward in achieving a healthier and happier life. Learn More

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EFT is a combination of acupressure and energy psychology that works to physically alter the brain, energy system and the body all at once, which can result in relief of pain, emotional blockages and belief systems which hinder us. Learn More

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Whether you want a boost to your cardiovascular system, support your immune system through proper cellular communication, increase your nutritional in-take from vegetables or decrease food sensitivities as you support your digestive health, you will find a solution that will positively impact your health. Learn More

Service offered by Mary Anne Lema – Independent Associate


A Canadian patented technology of insoles and socks which immediately improves strength, flexibility and balance. Learn More

Service offered by Mary Anne Lema – Independent Associate