17 Apr Grief and Loss

Grief is a deep personal loss. Yesterday marked 5 years since the death of husband. It has been a very personal journey, challenged my belief systems and redefined who I was. It has taken me five years to experience the anniversary of his passing with happy thoughts rather than the memories of the drama and sadness of his passing.

Grief can be brought on by any number of life events such as the death of a loved one, the loss of health, job, divorce, home etc. Everyone will process the experience differently and there is no time frame. I do know that in order to move forward in a healthy manner, it is important to go through the process, for the emotional impact is stored within the very cells of our bodies.

I have decided that I would like to support people who have experience the loss of a loved one through the Grief Support Program, run by the Rocky View Hospital, and have made application to do so. Perhaps I will take time in the next year to write about this journey, to give courage and comfort to those who are facing a life threatening illness, as well as their loved ones who walk by their side.   For me, the journey, although deeply painful, has been full of grace and miracles, both before David’s passing as well as after.
For those who have experienced the loss of a loved one and still struggling with it, a Grief Support Program is a wonderful opportunity to share your journey in a safe environment. It was only after four years, when I participated in the program, that I was finally able to speak of my experiences openly, without fear, and to offer my support to others within our group. Should you be struggling with the anxiety and stress from a loss, I can also offer you my assistance, through my services. I wish you a return to inner peace.

Mary Anne