18 Oct Technology and Food

I recently attended an educational presentation by Dr. Stephen Nugent, regarding the state of food today, how vitamins are made, and how and why health is compromised to such a degree that children today are destined for a shorter life span than their parents. While I was thrilled to hear the information he shared, I regretted that everyone I cared about missed this opportunity.

I was really excited to hear that the same lecture was later recorded at another location so I have decided to post this on my blog and gathered all the emails of those I care about in order to get the information out. I am sure that you will be interested in learning about this and likely will want those you care about to learn the same information. I am therefore sending you the following link:http://www.mannatechlive.com/2012/steve-nugent-nutriverus-overview.

The presentation is an hour long and packed full of really valuable information. You will learn about cutting edge technology and how to support your health in the best possible way. I encourage you to invest the time to watch. Dr. Nugent is a great educator, helping others improve their health and well-being while at the same time helping to save the lives of children at risk all over the world.

Should there be any areas you would like to discuss with me, I would welcome hearing from you. As you are likely aware, I am committed and dedicated to supporting people towards wellness in my practice. Nutrition is one aspect of this work. Supporting the body, particularly at the cellular level, is an important aspect of good health. We have all heard of people who were given a free bill of health only to shortly afterwards die of a major heart attack or succumb to a major health challenge. To be free of symptoms does not necessarily equate to good health. Our best defense is to be educated so we make informed choices.

I truly hope you enjoy the film.