06 Nov Consumer’s Choice Award for Alternative Medicine

I recently found out that I have been awarded the 2013 Consumers Choice Award in the category of ‘Alternative Medicine’ for southern Alberta. This award recognizes excellence in business and service.

Reflecting on my journey to arrive at this milestone, there are many memories which come to mind. I am in awe of how things have unfolded which have allowed me to move forward in my work.

In 2009 I arrived in Calgary with a deep conviction that this is where I was meant to be. I had no social network, no business connections, brochures or website. I did not know where I would practice. Having lost my husband in 2006 my financial resources were very limited. I had to personally develop educational materials, a website and re-establish my practice. At the same time, I decided to expand the services I offer so as to better support those who suffer with high levels of stress, anxiety, depression and other deeply rooted emotional challenges. This journey has not been easy and there have been moments of great discouragement. Still, I refused to give up. Sometimes I likened myself to a pit bull that will not let go of the bone. In my case, the bone is my love and passion for helping others find healing.

I believe that when you have your eyes fixed on a goal, if you follow your heart and if you take daily action towards it, that things will unfold in God’s perfect timing. I have experienced this in my own life. Today I work in a multidisciplinary clinic with an outstanding team of doctors and practitioners. I teach workshops and provide a number of services including Biofeedback and Psychosomatic Energetics.

As I receive the Consumer’s Choice Award for Alternative Medicine, I find myself deeply touched, grateful, humbled, and honored. I am thankful to all those who have given me encouragement, direction, and moral support. I am most grateful for the opportunity to journey with and touch lives in a purposeful and profound way. I hold my clients, past and present, in my heart and prayers.