28 Feb Mental Health

Mental health is in the news these days. It accounts for a vast drain in our workforce. For those who have noticed the recent TV educational reports, it is estimated that 500,000 people call in sick each day, many suffering in silence. Edmonton Police reported a 30% increase in domestic violence this past year. According to stats Canada, suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death for those aged 10 to 24. This does not take into account the unsuccessful suicide attempts.
So what can we do?

-First, one must admit they have a problem. There really is no shame in this.

-As friends, neighbors and families, we can make a deliberate effort to not look away when we notice that there is a problem. We can choose to walk with those who are suffering and speak truth. It may feel uncomfortable at the start, but we can be a real catalyst of change and bring light into the dark places of our world. Scott Peck wrote a book called ‘People of the Lie’. He explores why families and society suffer due to individuals not willing to speak the truth, and the consequences of not bringing light to a problem. It is a worthwhile read.

-Remember that children also experience stress due to various factors, which if not addressed can lead to mental health issues, violence and suicide attempts down the road.

My work addresses the root causes of anxiety, depression, stress, panic attaches, and post traumatic stress disorder. Both Biofeedback and Psychosomatic Energetics address both the physical and emotional blockages. They are gentle, non-invasive therapies, helping to restore balance and health by de-stressing the system and energetically resolving the emotional issues.

With the Wellness Analysis I am able to give you a clear direction as to which services are required. This may include a recommendation to another health professional.

If you know someone who is experiencing high levels of stress in their life, or is in fact on stress leave, give them my contact information. My work helps to restore ‘joy of life’ through hope, health and harmony.

Domestic Violence Hotline

Family Violence Prevention Center

Teen Helpline
Suicide & Crisis Hotline