21 Jun What is homeopathic Medicine?

This form of energy medicine imprints the energy of a substance without using the actual physical substance. The further the substance is diluted with systematic mixing through vigorous shaking, the more powerful the frequency of the remedy becomes.
At a time in history, over 200 years ago, when blood letting was used as standard medical treatment, Samuel Hahnemann discovered that when a substance which would cause a toxic effect in healthy individuals was given to unhealthy subjects, the people who were struggling with health problems improved. Thus homeopathy was born.
Thanks to this pioneer, Psychosomatic Energetics which was introduced to North America from Germany in 2004, uses specific homeopathic remedies; identifying and addressing unresolved emotional traumas which are the underlying cause of physical and/or emotional issues. This can manifest in many forms from depression, fatigue, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder or physical ailment such as sleep disturbances, cancer, heart disease etc; caused by unresolved emotional stress. Clinical studies show an 86% positive result from good to excellent with chronic care patients suffering in various health categories.