18 Jul Are You Loving What You Do?

Are you happy with your ‘JOB’?
Lately the subject of a calling or vocation has kept reappearing.
What is a calling or vocation? This is where an individual’s strengths and interests are matched with a need; thus giving deep satisfaction from work, whether it be gainful employment, a stay at home parent or volunteering. The work, even if tiring or challenging, is also a joy.
In my practice I offer a personality test which takes 15 minutes. Once the personality is identified the individual can look at their career choice. Does it match their personality and strengths? Often their work is already satisfying; however, there are those who identify dissatisfaction with what they are doing. This knowledge of oneself can help in exploring different possibilities.
Ongoing stress, from work which does not suit one’s personality and strengths, can affect overall health and satisfaction with life. Know your strengths. Identify your interests. If you do not find significant satisfaction from your chosen profession, look for opportunities to express and utilize who you really are. When you do what you love you receive daily inner satisfaction and recognition, from and for YOU!