30 Aug Children and Trauma

Do you know that the unborn as well as infants and toddles can experience emotional traumas? Although they may not cognitively remember, it is recorded in their cellular memory. If unresolved it can adversely impact their lives, either physically or emotionally.

A sixteen year old recently came into my office. Parents were concerned as she had numerous phobias and lived in constant fear. Testing identified that at birth or as a baby she experienced a trauma which led to a fear that she would not survive. The story then came out that her birth was traumatic, a prolonged labor with a dry birth. Shortly after working with her the phobias disappeared, allowing her to life a happier life and hopefully averting suicidal tendencies, addictions or future mental health challenges.

I have a passion for working with children, from infancy into adolescence. The well being of our children directly impacts the future well being of our society. The type of children I like working with are those experiencing withdrawal, hyperactivity, anxiety, difficulty focusing, depression, suicidal thoughts, ongoing angry outbursts, grief etc. Should you know of a child experiencing any of these symptoms please share this article. Thank you.