10 Sep Snakes and Ladders Anyone?

Does life ever feel like a game of snakes and ladders? This past week has been such for me. My purse with over $460.00, my identification, credit cards, and cell phone disappeared. As though this was not enough, on my way home that night I heard a loud sound from under my car and lost control. I ended up stranded on the side of the road. No, this is not a story. It really happened. So what does a woman, stranded in the dark with no phone do? Well, you put on the hazard lights and flag down another motorist. After much waving, finally two young men in their early 20s pulled over to see if I needed help. They called AMA, waited with me for the tow truck to arrive and then offered to drive me home.

What I really want to do is acknowledge these two young friends, one a Caucasian Christian and the other a Palestinian Muslin. I was impressed with how they, with obvious different belief systems and back grounds, accept and respect one another. They bridged a gap of suspicion and fear which often results when we encounter people who are different, either in religion, skin tone, sexual orientation, culture etc. Their example of friendship brings hope for peace in our world. So often, young people are looked at with suspicion. I believe it important to acknowledge the unsung young heroes, such as these two, who came to the aid of a stranger with no thought for themselves.

Back to the game of snakes and ladders, yes, life has its ups and downs. My car will be in the shop for the next week with an estimated $2,000.00 in repairs. My purse with all the contents are gone. What I gained was this incredible human experience of compassion from two strangers. We can not always control what happens, but we can choose to be thankful for the good that can come about from rolling down the back of the snake. Thank you Mahmoud Shouman and Graham Kennelly, my heroes!