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11 Dec On Judgement, Forgiveness and Love

In a recent phone call with my mother, I asked her if she had any recollection of her heart attack and the 20 odd minutes during which she had no pulse. She responded “No”. Just prior to ending the call, totally out of context, she emphatically stated “It has been revealed to me that we are not to judge, to forgive everything and to just love”. She may not have seen a light, however her experience, even though not remembered, has altered her in a most positive, loving way. It is obvious that something profound took place for her when she was considered legally dead.
This past week the world has lost a man whose life has manifested those directives received by my mother. Neilson Mandella was a man who strived to live this way of “being”. By doing so he has profoundly touched many hearts and has altered the world.
We can, each of us, change the world for the better by choosing to be less judgmental, to be forgiving (does not mean to be someone’s door mate) and to act in the most loving way we are capable of.
To live in such a manner is truly being free in spirit! In the coming new year I pray that we embrace this way of being and touch our world with grace.