Holistic Health Calgary

07 Jul Advanced Training

Rubimed photo 1

I have just returned from Vancouver, after completing the Advanced Rubimed training/seminar, becoming part of an exclusive group of unique and elite therapists. The training was under the direction of Dr. Raimer Banis, MD, ND, PhD, founder of Rubimed from Switzerland and Dr. Bridgit Holschuh Lornag, MD, PhD from Germany. She has successfully used this method of energy medicine wit more than 10,000 patients. This method is most effective for addressing chronic degenerative disorders, autonomic nervous system disorders, ADHD/ADD spectrum, mental disorders including anxiety, depression, psychosis, and obsessive compulsive disorders as well as supporting the metabolic and cellular milieu.

I look forward to furthering my work in this area of energy medicine, called Psychosomatic Energetics.