26 Feb Fare Well

Today marks the day of my father’s passing. He is the first of my birth family to pass over from this life to the next. Next week will find all of his family together to say fare well to this 94 year old man, who experienced and survived war in Europe, and immigrated to Canada in 1950, with his bride. Together my parents raised 9 children, of which I am the second and their first daughter. The last time we were all together was almost 25 years ago for their 40th wedding anniversary. Had he survived until next month it would have made 65 years. A great accomplishment!
As I reflect over the years there are so many memories which spring to mind. I give thanks to these immigrants that came across the ocean, not sure what they would encounter. They were not able to communicate in the language of their new home, Canada. My parents overcame many obstacles and raised a family for which they could be proud.
I wish my father joy in his new home, the land of our ancestors. I give thanks for my life which came to be through my parent’s survival of war and their courage to forge a new life away from their home land, families and friends.
I realize that life is precious and that we may experience many years on this earth or precious few. What seems most important to me is the forging of my heart; that the days I am granted on this earth are days in which I am a blessing to those I encounter, by being the best person I can be in all areas of my life. My hope is that at the end of my days I leave this earth better than I have found it by promoting more toleration, empathy, compassion and kindness for one another.
I pray that God wrap my father in His loving embrace and have compassion and mercy upon His child, my father.