01 Mar Transformation

I would like to express my gratitude for all the messages received; emotionally supporting me as I prepare to bid fare well to my father. Thank you ever so much!
Years ago I spoke with a very special man, a Jesuit missionary by the name of Father Pat Duran. Will never forget the words of wisdom he left me with. “It is never too late for a person to change as long as there is one breath left in the body”. Yesterday, after a conversation with one of my siblings I was filled with joy, for on the day before my father’s passing, he and this brother had a conversation in which my father apologized to him for the pain he had caused. The angels must have been rejoicing and singing in heaven for the transformative healing that was allowed to take place, for both my father and brother, with a simple and genuine heartfelt apology.
Being human, most of us will intentionally or unknowingly cause pain. We can bring healing and growth to those in our lives by taking responsibility for our actions and attitudes.
As I think of last night’s conversation with my brother, my heart is overflowing with gratitude. Mercy, mercy, mercy….