Holistic Health Calgary is recognized as the #1 alternative health care practice, offering outstanding health care solutions to address the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the clients we serve.


We offer health care choices for people searching for an alternative answer to their health concerns.

We provide access to outstanding doctors/practitioners in their area of expertise.

We support all age groups, addressing physical, emotional and spiritual needs as presented, helping our clients to regain hope and enjoyment of life.

Core Values

– Integrity (do what is best for the clients we serve and do what is right in business practices)
– Commitment (to client’s well-being, excellence of service and growth)
– Kindness (truth spoken kindly and with respect)
– Confidentiality (trust is intact as confidentiality is adhered to)
– Respect (for self and others)
– Positive attitude (strive to see the best in the clients we serve)


– Registered Biofeedback Therapist, 9-1001
– Certified Rubimed (PSE)Therapist
– Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping)
– Certified Energy Medicine Therapist
– Solutions™ Practitioner
– Independent Mannatech Associate
– Certified Child Care Worker, specializing in emotional disturbances (children and teens)
– Previous organizer and facilitator of Calgary Widowers Widowers Meet Up support group
– Previous Volunteer co-facilitator for the Bob Glasgow Grief Support Program with AHC Grief Support Program

-Recipient of the 2013 Consumer’s Choice Award in the category of Alternative Medicine for Calgary and the greater area.
-Awarded membership to the Worldwide Leaders in Healthcare, recognizing providers of excellence

Mary Anne Lema – RBT

Mary Anne, a Registered Biofeedback Therapist, is registered by the Canadian Examining Board for Health Care Practitioners. She completed her advanced studies for Biofeedback at the College of International Holistic Studies in Ontario and took further advanced biofeedback studies through Integrity Biofeedback Inc. and Academy in Florida, specializing in in the areas of autism, ADD/ADHD, asthma and allergies; studied Solutions under Dr. Kam Kittering D.C.; in 2014, through Bio Med International, she completed advanced studies for Bio-medicine, specializing in Psychosomatic Energetics; is certified as an Energy Medicine Therapist; and completed her 2 year Child Care Worker Diploma, focusing on emotionally disturbed children and adolescents, through Mohawk College.

I have a love and passion to help those who suffer needlessly when answers are readily available. My dream is that there is collaboration between holistic practitioners and western medicine, so that collectively we support our clients in living full, productive, balanced and healthy lives, thereby strengthening relationships, families and our communities. We offer various specialties in order to provide our patients/clients great options in health care.

Suffering for years with a debilitating illness, and being totally disabled, I sought alternative answers in my search for health. My short term memory was almost nonexistent, pain was excruciating; I was exhausted and unable to work. I felt a failure as a wife and mother. Through nutritional supplementation and energy medicine I was able to overcome these challenges, and my life made a complete turnaround. I felt led to assist others who were suffering needlessly, which started me on a new path of study, certification and implementation.

My late husband was initially very opposed to my new line of work, and study; however, just prior to his passing, his last directive to me was “No matter what happens, never stop your work. It’s too important!” I concur and continue to work towards expanding my skills and knowledge in my areas of expertise. I fully understand the impact of illness and loss. When an individual is healthy, it positively affects him/her, the family and the community as a whole. This is why I am so passionate about the work do.

Seminar/Workshop Topics Include: 

-Stress and it’s impact on health and aging. Discover What you can do to feel and look better.
Understand the different types of stress, the impact on physiology, and tools and options to combat stress.

ADHD Spectrum – understanding the disorder, how the brain and digestive system impact the symptoms. Exploring options to address this disorder.

DARE TO DREAM! Dreams, Purpose, Goals and Manifestation 
This is a partially interactive workshop to explore and identify your life purpose and goals. A fun, exploratory, creative full day workshop designed to bring clarity, focus, and a plan to move ahead to assist you in living the live you want to live. The workshop will begin and end with a mediation, exploration of dreams/hopes, identifying areas that require attention to bring about greater life balance, identifying and developing your goals, how to plan and implement them and designing your own dream board and a meditation.

-Productivity and How to Reduce the Cost of Sick Leave
Geared for management

– Stress in the Work Place
Geared for employees/productivity

-What are Energy Centers (Chakras)?
Learn how they relate to and impact health. Learn what you can do to keep them balanced to support your general well being.

-Children’s Health
Learn the importance of nutrition and how it pertains to your child’s health.



– Nutritional Consultant Practitioner
– Orthomolecular Health Practitioner
– Co-Owner of D&R Health and Business Investments Inc.
– Professional Member of the IONC since 1996 (International Organization of Nutritional Consultants)
– Degree in Animal Health Technology (NAIT)

Dianne Vincent – NCP

Specialties: Nutrition and Energy Medicine including  Body Talk,  GeoTran, Body Code, Spring Forest Qigong and LIFE BiofeedbackA Nutritional Consultant Practitioner with  sixteen years experience providing value by keeping it simple to help clients understand how correct eating habits can be used to create the health they desire.  Combine this with  energy medicine and it’s a winning combination for superior health on all levels. Giving back as a social entrepreneur by teaching  charities to create their own sustainable income stream while increasing their supporters health and  providing nutrients to malnourished children around the world.

Seminar topics include:

Reading and understanding what is in our foods
Genetically Modified Foods
Glycemic Indexing and Disease Prevention for Optimal Health
Glycemic Indexing and Fat Loss
Metabolic Workshop
Glyconutrients: utilization for Health Professionals
Seniors Health
Children’s Health
Autism , ADD/ADHD and the nutrition connection

Seminars are designed to supply useable solutions and answers to questions such as:

-Why are my allergies increasing?
-Why am I so tired?
-Why am I gaining weight?
-What exactly are genetically modified foods?
-What are GMO’s  doing to my body?
-How do I get rid of these hot flashes and mood swings?
-What should I look for in a nutritional supplement?

Presentations are in person and through tele-seminars and webinars on varied nutritional and wellness topics tailored to your group.  Creating value through results!