Some stress and anxiety is a normal response to what is perceived as a negative life event, affecting every age group. This is a natural part of life and it is quite normal to feel anxiety occasionally.

An ongoing state of mental and/or physical tension and nervousness, without the ability to take a break from the anxiety, sets one up for an anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorders negatively impact a person’s normal day to day functioning, their relationships, their home life, school and or work life.

Remember, children also experience stress and anxiety due to various factors. If not addressed this may lead to mental health issues, violence and suicidal tendencies. Children commonly react to stress and trauma with angry episodes. According to stats Canada, suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death for those aged 10 to 24. This does not take into account the unsuccessful suicide attempts.

If you feel yourself constantly on edge, worried, anxious, or stressed (either physically or mentally) and it’s disrupting your life, you may have an anxiety disorder.

Successfully addressing anxiety’s core causes ensures symptom reduction and their eventual elimination.

Various Types of Anxiety
– Depression
– Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
– Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)
– Agoraphobia
– Panic disorder/attacks
– Social phobia
– Tourette’s Syndrome

Anxiety disorders boil down to unresolved emotional and or physical traumas, those remembered as well as the repressed memories and emotions. Anxiety disorders may stem from any or a combination of unresolved emotional traumas, and can stem as far back to birth.

Common challenges which can create an anxiety disorder may stem from:
– Health challenges
– Financial difficulties
– Relationship stress (separation, divorce)
– Social phobia
– Grief and loss
– Long term care giving of a family member or a loved one
– Retirement
– Serious accident
– Work place conflict or instability
– Job or career change
– Debilitating phobias
– Abuse – physical, sexual, mental or psychological
– Spiritual conflict
– Dysfunctional family life
– Children leaving or returning home
– Obsessive negative thoughts

Anxiety Depression

Anxiety Symptoms

Physical manifestations of anxiety can include and are not limited to body pain, racing heart, indigestion, insomnia, sweating fatigue, dry mouth. Long term chronic anxiety and stress can create major, life threatening health challenges such as cancer, cardio vascular illness, etc.

Psychological manifestations of anxiety include and are not limited to depression, panic attacks, agoraphobia, social isolation, post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, nervous tension, mood swings, racing thoughts, feelings of worthlessness or doom, apathy, feelings of helplessness, being overly sensitive, irrational anger, decreased mental energy and focus, irritability, suicidal thoughts.

Behavioural manifestations of anxiety include and are not limited to aggressive tendencies/behaviour, eating disorders, procrastination, social isolation, substance abuse, various types of addictions, confrontational behaviour, procrastination and or failure to follow through on responsibilities, agoraphobia, suicidal attempts.

How can Holistic Health Calgary help you or a loved one in resolving an anxiety disorder?

Holistic Health Calgary provides energy medicine in the form of biofeedback therapy as well as very specific German energetic remedies to address the causes and symptoms of anxiety disorders and traumas. We also align with a team of outstanding, holistic doctors and health professionals of various disciplines who can be referred to and utilized in supporting a patient’s return to health.

Why is this important? According to research, stress accounts to over 90% of all illnesses. Long term high levels of stress and anxiety affects the immune system, making people more susceptible to a large array of illnesses, including cancer.

Biofeedback is extremely effective in reducing the symptoms experienced with an anxiety disorder. It is designed to first identify the underlying electro-magnetic stressors causing the symptoms of the disorder and then quickly and effectively provides relief of those symptoms. There are thousands of bio-resonance wave possibilities to provide enhanced healing for the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

The digestive system is usually involved and must be addressed.

Each cell of the body contains 6 gigabytes of memory, storing all physical, emotional and spiritual traumas in life, those remembered and those repressed. As time goes on the emotional toil of these life events, if not resolved, create imbalances in different organ systems and or create anxiety disorders. Biofeedback begins to release stored emotions, creating a pathway to healing.

Psychosomatic Energetics (PSE) will identify and address the unresolved emotional traumas with specific homeopathic remedies, supporting your physical well-being and resolving the emotional traumas at the cellular level.

Benefits of PSE:
-Reduces stress, including post-traumatic stress
-Reduces anxiety
-Reduces stress from trauma(s)
-Helps with addictions, fatigue, depression, OCD, and ADHD spectrums
-Helps with anger management

P.S.E. Studies –More than 86% of standard chronic patients in general medicine show satisfactory to good/excellent results, from good to excellent ratings.
Kids have a therapeutic success rate of over 90%.

You need to understand your anxiety better, choose effective treatment techniques, and make sure that you’re ready to commit to restoring your health on all levels.

Note, we do not diagnose. We address the symptoms energetically with Biofeedback and or Psychosomatic Energetics. We may also utilize the services of other health professionals.