Fee Schedule Packages


PackagesRecommended For Services ContainedFeeSavings
BronzeBiofeedback Sessions5 biofeedback sessions$610$50
SilverGeneral health (physical and emotional)Biofeedback intake
5 biofeedback sessions
GoldGeneral health plus
Deep rooted traumas
Biofeedback intake
5 biofeedback sessions
1 Psychosomatic Energetic Testing

Individual Service Fees:

Biofeedback—initial session allow 2 hours – $264
Follow up one hour session – $132 session

Psychosomatic Energetics (PST) Testing – $132
Does not include remedies

Biofeedback and Psychosomatic Energetics 30 min consultation– $60

Testing with a medical device to determine how well your current supplement is synergistically benefitting or being detrimental to your health.

Explore how Vibrational Energy Medicine can address all of your health needs – Physical, Mental and Emotional.

Should you decide this to be a viable health option for you, the fee will be applied towards your first appointment, when booked at the time of your consultation.

Ionic Foot Bath – $67

Emotional Freedom Technique — $132 per session

Solutions – $185
This work is usually completed within the hour, however for some people more time is required.

Note: Prices do not include GST

Payment options: Visa, Master Card, Debit, Check or Cash

Gratuity Program

A $50 gratuity will be gifted to the person who refers a new client to Holistic Health Calgary for the following services: Biofeedback, Psychosomatic Energetics.

Your referral assists the person experiencing a health challenge, be it physical or emotional, and assists us in continuing to provide a valuable service to those in need.

What is the possible COST or IMPACT for someone neglecting their health or that of a loved one?


Depression-Thousands of dollars due to work loss to both individual as well as employer.
-Relationship breakdown with significant other.
-May lead to suicidal attempts.
Chronic illness-Thousands of dollars due to work loss as well as exploring medical options to regain health
Failed marriage due to ongoing stress-Half of net worth
Suicide or death-Average cost of funeral is $20,000
Counselling-Anywhere from S150 to $200 per session, which can go on for years
Prescription drugs-Varies. Some drugs have become beyond the ability of many people to purchase.
-Most prescription drugs have a negative side effect.
Street Drugs-Street Drugs -Rehab program $40,000 per treatment period. -Often a person requires more than one attempt to overcome the addiction.
-Often leads to drug dealing and prostitution
Gangs-Can lead to incarceration and/or murder
Surgery-Loss of wages and possible cost of having in home health care