Overcoming Food Sensitivities and Improving Health
Products are produced using GMP (good manufacturing practices) ensuring highest quality standards. The company offers a 6 month satisfaction guarantee, unheard of in the industry. As well, the
Give For RealSM Program ensures an ongoing supply of nutritional support products for thousands of orphans in over 80 countries by contributing a portion of all automatic orders of the optimal core product line.

Feel Great… Look Great… Live Well…
Mannatech is a research and development company, located in Coppel Texas. Its main focus is glyconutritional technology which facilitates cellular communication, offering superior quality nutritional and personal care products that help you

Feel Great… Look Great… Live Well…
Good health starts at the cellular level. When your cells are healthy, so are your glands and organs. Optimal health can be achieved when your cells function normally and communicate properly with one another.

Six month satisfaction guarantee

The products considered part of our wellness solution promotes increased health and continued support of normal system functions. Different areas of our bodies need different nutritional requirements. Whether you want a boost to your cardiovascular system, support your immune system through proper cellular communication, increase your nutritional in-take from vegetables or decrease food sensitivities as you support your digestive health, you will find a solution that will positively impact your health.

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Optimal Core Support Products

1. Ambrotose® Complex for immune support, includes a synergistic blend of specific plant polysaccharides, supporting cell to cell communication, proper digestive system function and promotes gastrointestinal health. It may enhance recall and cognitive memory, and may improve mood and decrease irritability. Advanced Ambrotose® includes a blend of specific plant polysaccharides and other ingredients formulated to support healthy blood lipid levels. Lipids are fatty substances in the blood, and include cholesterol and triglycerides.

2. Phyto-Matrix® is a highly absorbable, naturally sourced vitamin/mineral complex, produced using a patented hydroponic process, in which Indian mustard spouts are grown in a solution of highly concentrated minerals. This allows for standardized levels of minerals to be digested into the plant, so that the body may recognize and effectively use these minerals.

3. Ambrotose AO® – contains a synergistic blend of plant extracts and antioxidant compounds with naturally sourced vitamin C and E for an extra powerful punch of protection. Provides antioxidant activity against free radicals for the maintenance of good health.

4. Plus™ – an excellent source of essential and non-essential amino acids for good health. Amino acids are critical to life and have a variety of roles in metabolism. They are building blocks of proteins, which play an important role in many biological functions. Of the 20 amino acids the body uses, eight are considered essential because your body cannot produce them.
Optimal Support Pack (Combination of Phyto-Matrix, Plus, & Ambrotose AO)

Joint Partnerships

We are currently expanding our business in Canada, the U.S., New Zealand, Australia, the U.K., bilingual people in Germany, S. Korea, S. Africa, Denmark, Holland and Mexico. Mannatech, a research and development company located in Coppell Texas, is dedicated to enriching lives through service. The company has thrived with leading edge proprietary technologies supported by a science and studies showing product specific effectiveness in wellness .There are currently 45 patents worldwide, ensuring that we remain an elite company with no competition. Our business has been highly profitable and our intention is to increase our level of service in mentoring others to follow this path.

Our experience over the years in sharing this product line has been remarkable. Every day we hear about enormous health benefits and quality of life enhancements across the spectrum from people in serious health challenged situations, to people who wish to maintain a level of good health through prevention as well as elite Olympian athletes who depend on this product line as the foundation to support their performance levels.

The company, through its ‘Give For RealSM’ program, supports thousands of orphans and children in over 80 countries. A portion of all automatic orders for the core products is donated to help less fortunate children. The goal is to enhance their level of wellness by working with supplements that support health at the cellular level. Preferred business partners will have a passion for mentoring others in small teams, have an ease working with people, and have a strong interest in health and well-being. This is an activity that can be done in as few as ten focused hours per week and easily fits alongside other work and volunteer time commitments. The business operates as a seamless global referral program to introduce people to the benefits of our products and business model. The business template is simple to follow with very effective resources to learn and share.

The people we are looking to partner with poses good leadership abilities, have a passion for what they choose to do, poses high integrity, are internet savvy, and have a ‘can do’ attitude. Preferred business partners will have a passion for mentoring others in small teams, have an ease working with people, and have a strong interest in health and well-being. We would certainly consider working with previous business owners.
Should you believe yourself a person who fits the criteria, we would love to hear from you or should you know of someone who may be a match for our program, please inform them of this opportunity.

Yours truly,
Mary Anne Lema – Mannatech® Independent Associate
Dianne Vincent – Mannatech® Independent Associate

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Disruptive Technology…“Disruptive Technology Brings Hope to Healthcare” An article by Dr. John Rollins, an award winning United States Patent and Trademark official, was published in the Aug. 2004 issue of the Atlanta Voice Newspaper. The Atlantic Voice asked him, “During your 20-year career in the US Patent Office, did you examine any single discovery in bio-affecting compositions that stood out above the rest in its potential to impact the future of health?”Dr. Rollins answered, “Yes! There have been many significant discoveries, but one stands head and shoulders above the rest; the discovery of a new category of vital nutrients called, Glyconutrients. This discovery might provide the single biggest opportunity to impact health from both ends of the spectrum. First, glyconutrients are essential for normal defense functions, making them one of the best strategies for reducing the risk of disease. Second, they are also necessary to support the normal functions of repair, making them one of the most critical strategies for supporting the body’s normal healing functions.