Mary Anne: Why I do this work

I am the 2nd child of 9, born into an immigrant family, from Ontario. My parents went through the war in Europe and this definitely affected them, which reflected in our home life. I have very few happy memories of childhood. When I started school, I did not speak English and dressed differently. The result was bullying and rejection. I remember doubling over numerous mornings with severe stomach pain, just before it was time to leave for school. Today I know that it was stress related. It was a very lonely childhood both at home and at school. One thing that was prominent in my life was a special spiritual connection I have always felt, knowing that I am loved by God.

When I was thirteen I was informed that I had a bone tumor in my ankle and that it was possible I would to have the leg amputated. While in hospital I reflected on my life. I made a decision that has impacted me to this day. I decided that I would help others not feel as badly as I did.

1977 I was internally directed to move to Edmonton. I was most resistant and frightened. I fought it for five months. My heart’s urging became stronger than my fear and In January 1978 I moved to Alberta with four suitcases; unsure of where I would live or work. Later that year I met my husband who became my best friend. We had 2 children and today 4 grandchildren.

In 1991 I developed an autoimmune illness and became totally disabled. I was informed that I would never work again; there was no cure. I had short term memory loss, could sleep 18 hours a day and still feel exhausted, pain was excruciating. I felt a failure as a wife and mother. One day, lying in bed, covered with a sheet which caused such pain as it lay against my skin, I wondered how it was possible to be so sick and still be alive. I had a conversation with God, telling Him that I was just using up space and would it not be better for my family if I just died, as I really had no value left. What I heard was “Your value is that you are a child of God” I realized in that moment that my BEING was more important than my DOING. How we lose sight of this in our culture!

In 2000 I came across nutritional supplements which facilitate cellular communication and repair. Within four and a half months I was free of pain, my short term memory was restored and I had more energy than most teenagers. I still personally use these products as well as educate others about them.They support every system of the body.

In 2006 after 27 years of marriage I lost my best friend to cancer. This event changed the course of my life. During David’s  illness I searched for answers to save his life. He exceeded the two month death prognosis by seven months. After his passing I was introduced to biofeedback. I was intrigued! As David had talked me into cancelling our life insurance policy four months prior to his illness I was quite money poor. I unsuccessfully searched for ways to come up with $30,000 dollars to fund such a venture. I finally said “Okay God. If you want me to do this you will need to figure it out as I’m out of ideas”. Three days later I had $30,000 at my disposal and I began a new career.

In October 2008 I heard that I was to move to Calgary. My first thought was “God, you must be kidding!” By January 2009 I was in Calgary, having no social network, I just knew this is where I was to be and trusting that God would take care of the details. There were many obstacles and challenges to overcome; however I never took my eyes off my dream of making a positive difference in the lives of others.

Looking back I am thankful for all the experiences I have had, including those that were painful and difficult, as it has given me a capacity to understand the people I have the honor of serving.

Today I have developed a successful private practice, specializing in stress, depression, anxiety disorders as well as ADHD. Children hold a special place in my heart as they are our future. I have excelled in achieving excellence by becoming a therapist (specialist) in Biofeedback, Energy Medicine, and Biomedicine (PSE). I have followed the urging of my heart where God speaks to me.