Psychosomatic Energetics

The Ancient Greeks called the soul ‘Psyche’ and the body ‘soma’. The energy that flows through both of them is called energetics (Prana, Ch’i, Orgon). This subtle life energy circling in harmony is the source of health, vitality and well-being of both our body and soul.

Hidden emotional issues alter the functions of the ANS and lead to energy blocks. This leads to malnutrition of the body’s cells, resulting in pains of various kinds and susceptibility to illness, be it physical, psychological or mental.

The ANS is connected with every single cell in the body. There are certain centers of autonomic regulation within the nerval plexus. The most important centers for autonomic regulation are situated in the Chakras. Our endocrine system is directly connected to these energy centers, as are specific organs.

The Reba test device records… the test results of the four energy levels (vital, emotional, mental and causal). It indicates (in calibrated form) how much energy the client has available on each energy level. The client is connected to the REBA Test Device. Specific test ampoules are used to determine if stress if present. This is done by using the practitioner’s preferred energetic testing method. Typically the kinesiology arm length test method is used. The client is then analyzed.

…we consult to determine possible health concerns. This is followed by the energy testing to identify additional (previously concealed background factors) information.

…we identify… The results are recorded and discussed with the client, including the identification of symptoms and ailments. In this manner, important topics are revealed, yet it is not a requirement that they be discussed with the client for the subsequent protocol to be successful.

…effective remedies are applied… Based on the test results, the client’s internal energy blocks are dissolved by prescribing from among the set of forty energetic (homeopathic) preparations: seven remedies which support the body’s energetic centers, twenty eight emotional remedies, as well as five acute agents. The identified required remedies improve the energetic metabolic situation and hence the client’s overall constitution, in most cases, leads to positive emotional and physical changes.

…follow up testing reveals the healing effect… Biomed Psychosomatic Energetics is a healing method that follows a procedural sequence usually extending over 1 – 2 years and necessitating a number or follow-up tests, because further energy blocks surface that should also be dealt with. Experience has shown that the client will make gradual steady improvement, until an optimal state is ultimately achieved.

Acute testing: The testing identifies if Geopathic Stress is held in the body. This results from negative energy from the earth, resulting from gaps, cracks, underground waterways and similar features. This can significantly disturb the normal functioning of the communication network between the body’s cells, and can enormously impede the body’s ability to heal itself. This impacts one’s well-being, immune system and autonomic regulation and is a major cause for conditions which cannot be explained or treated otherwise. In regards to Geopathic Stress, a specific homeopathic remedy is suggested to eliminate this from the body/energy field. It is possible to determine where in the body this stress is logged and one may move the bed so as to sleep in a stress free zone. Should this stress be identified, it may be advisable to have a dowser scan the bedroom. One can be recommended from the Calgary area.

We tests for anxiety, nervous inner tension (restlessness), adrenal fatigue, and significant pain. Should a stress be found in these areas, remedies are recommended to correct.

The Zoogical (organ specific) Test Kit vials are used to test specific organs and major body systems for stress. Support may be required to bring about homeostasis/balance and reduce any stress(ors) discovered.

By identifying the central conflict held, one is able to identify the predominant character type that the person came into the world with.

Supplements can also be tested to determine how effective they are in supporting an individual, which ones may be harmful, which do not increase one’s state of health and which natural health products are required by the body. Different brands can be tested to determine the best choice for an individual.

Biomed – P.S.E. Studies

* More than 86% of standard chronic patients in general medicine show satisfactory to good/excellent results; n=1002 patients

* Kids have a therapeutic success rate of >90%

*Drs Banis, Reimer and Banis, Ulrike: “Psychosomatic Energetik – Ergebnisse einer Praxisstudie” (Psychosomatic Energetics – Results of a Clinical Study), Schweizerische Zeitschrift fur Ganheitsmedizin (Swiss Journal of Holistic Medicine) 3, 173-178 (2004)
** Holschun-Lorang, Birgitt: Praxisstudie Psychodomatic Energetik” (Clinical Study of Psychosomatic Energetics), Schweizerische Zeitschrift fur Ganzheitsmedizin (Swiss Journal of Holistic Medicine), Vol 18, 18, No 7/8, November 2006 ***online study with 1002 patients from 11 European clinics, n = 1002 patients

Swiss Journal of Holistic Medicine 3, 173-178 (2004)
Swiss Journal of Holistic Medicine), Vol 18, 18, No 7/8, November 2006

Biomed International P.S.E. Studies – (view details bottom of page)
*More than 86% of standard chronic patients in general medicine show satisfactory to good/excellent results; n=1002 patients
*Kids have a therapeutic success rate of >90% .

Supports vitality and wellbeing as well
Supports functional biology
Reducing stress, including post traumatic stress
Reducing anxiety
Reducing stress from trauma(s)
Helps with addictions, fatigue, depression, OCD, and ADD spectrums
Helps with anger management