Solutions effectively gets to the moment of imprint that a repeating negative life pattern takes hold. It clears the issue from the subconscious mind and the energy field.

This therapy is ideal for anyone who continually experiences a negative repeating life experience such as inability to set healthy boundaries, choosing poor relationships time after time, difficulty holding down a job, etc.

The truth is that we would not consciously choose to self sabotage our well-being or well fare. Repeating negative life patterns take root when an event is witnessed or experienced at an earlier age, which left an imprint. The issue is then taken in on a subconscious level and sets into motion a repeating life pattern. It can be likened to carrying someone’s else’s baggage on your back.

Should a repeating negative life pattern be a challenge for you? It can be most difficult to resolve by sheer willpower alone. Using kinesiology testing we are able to identify what the issue was/is, the approximate age you were when the imprint occurred, who the donor was and what was going in the donor’s life at the moment of imprint. In the meantime the ‘donor’ may well have dealt with the issue. We then identify how it is affecting your life. Once this is completely uncovered we clear it from your energy field.

Energetic remedies are used during the therapy, which takes anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and a half.

The work allows you to make huge positive shifts moving forward. Interestingly most people have little recollection of the work within a few days as it is no longer in their energy field.